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My First Awesimsauce Challenge...

I've seen talk of the Awesimsauce Challenge back when I was a heavy Sims 2 legacy player, but I never had the guts to try it because I don't like to follow rules.


I've got a cute founder with a cute name, I've got the new Midnight Hollow 'hood, and I've got turrible narration. Also...if you read it...there is a bonus gif! Two, actually. So, double bonus. ;)

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Awesomesauce Challege: Rules: TS2 Version!

What Is the Awesomesauce Legacy?

The Awesomesauce Legacy is the love-child of four crazy simmers who wanted to make something new and exciting. First, they began by taking their favorite elements of well known Sims 2 challenges (including the Legacy Challenge, ISBI and the Rainbow Challenge). Next they brainstormed some insanely awesome ideas that only a crazy simmer can come up with. Finally, they threw all of this in a blender, hit “whip” and….VOILA! The Awesomesauce Legacy!

Note: This challenge assumes that you have ALL expansions packs. If you do not, simply skip the parts that do not apply to you.

Basic Rules

* Standard legacy rules apply. You can find the rules HERE.
* Like, the original legacy, no cheats are allowed
* Limit of 2 children per generation
* No college allowed
* Your heir must have a wedding party
* Must have all 10 Hobby Plates by the end of the legacy
* At the end of the legacy (10 generations) at least one sim must have ALL vacation memories
* Sim’s last name must be related to the rainbow/color in some way (in can be as random and obscure as you would like)
* Sim’s first name must be somehow related to the color assigned to that generation
* Each generation is based on a different color and that color must be present and obvious in some way (make-up, dress, hair color, house décor, etc.)
* Each generation has a specific challenge(s) based on the color of that generation. When playing that generation please make sure you meet all parts of the challenge (when possible)!

Generation Challenges

Generation One
Color: Blue
Challenge: Getting Started

As it is already difficult enough to begin a legacy with no cheating there is no “additional” challenges for this generation. I wonder how long it will be until your founder has wallpaper in all rooms??

Generation Two
Color: Purple
Challenge: Magic & Royalty

In many cultures purple represents a position of royalty. In others purple often represents magic. In this generation your sims will be treated like royalty and have their needs met as though they were a king or queen. Furthermore because this is the purple generation your heir must dabble in the magical arts.

* Must fulfill at least one want per day for each sim
* Heir must be witch/warlock (when they hit teen)

Generation Three
Color: Black
Challenge: Extreme Failure

Black is dark and moody. Black is the absence of light and thus loneliness. Black is fail, at least for the sake of this challenge. Last generation was all about giving your sims everything they ever want. This generation what they want doesn’t matter…it’s all about their fears. And sibling rivalry and discord???? THE MORE THE BETTER!!!!

* May only fulfill fears
* Sim may not get dream job until they get to the top of the “opposite” career path

Example: Wants Top of Dance: Must Reach Top of Military
Use your best judgments for which are opposites
Must do this even if your sim has a career related LTW

* Heir must be a Black Sheep*

Black Sheep, for the sake of this challenge, is described is the sim with lowest relationship with their parents/siblings
When they hit their teen/adult years they “rebel” and choose to become something supernatural (werewolf, vampire, plantsim, etc.)

Generation Four
Color: Orange
Challenge: Creativity & Activity

Orange is a bright and happy color. It is full of energy and can even convince the laziest person to get off their butt. It is even known to incite creativeness in even the most “uncreative people”. Thus for the orange generation it is all about creativity and physical activity.

* Money may only be made by novels/painting
* Heir must have 10 Points in Sports/Fitness Hobby
* Heir must be max fitness

Generation Five
Color: Brown
Challenge: Down to Earth

Brown represents the earth and those who are down to earth aren’t concerned with day to day boring jobs. Furthermore they won’t spend their days cooped up in a house watching reruns of Law and Order: SVU (only [info]tinykat does that). Rather, they will be out getting their hands dirty digging in the earth. And that is just what this generation’s challenge is.

* Run a business from items dug up only

Generation Six
Color: Green
Challenge: Money, Money, Money

Green is the color of money, and this generation your sims are all about money. The more money they make the better!

* Reach Top of 2 Career Tracks
* Make $100,000

Generation Seven
Color: Yellow
Challenge: Intellectual & Social Pursuits

Yellow symbolizes wisdom and what is wiser than having many interests (so that you may carry on conversations with any person) and maxed skills? Furthermore yellow represents a social state of mind and willingness to meet new people. Thus this generation’s challenge is all about intellectual pursuits and meeting new people.

* Maxed Skills
* 5 Points in All Hobbies
* 15 Friends Made by Computer/Phone (Yes, they can only be met on the computer, but you may use the computer or phone to build your relationship with them)

Generation Eight
Color: Red
Challenge: Fiery Passion

It is no secret that red is the color of passion, of love and of explosive things. Those who love red are often extremely ambitious, but slightly reckless. Therefore, the challenge for this generation is achieving what you have always dreamed of, and having passionate relationships.

* Achieve 2 Lifetime Wants
* Greet New People w/ Arguing
* 5 Lovers (Who don’t know about each other)

Generation Nine
Color: Pink
Challenge: The Search for True Love

While red is the color of passion, pink is the color of true love, and that’s just what your sims will be searching for during this generation. But remember, true love doesn’t come easy, and they are going to have to search around to find THE ONE.

* Have 25 Dream Dates
* Woohoo w/ 10 Different Sims
* May only marry a 3 Bolter (it is all about twu wuv after all)

Generation Ten
Color: White
Challenge: A Return to the Basics

White represents simplicity, purity and innocence. After ten generations of ups and downs, it is time to return to a more simple life. Yes, you have likely amassed a great deal of wealth, but in an effort to return to the “humble beginnings” that money will have no use. We have come full circle and this generation is all about starting over and living a more simple life.

* No Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse/Live-In Partner
* One Room House (A return to the simple days)
* No Plumbing
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So I was just chatting with fellow mod simsforaranya, and as I am quickly approaching the birth of generation 11, and therefore the completion of my awesomesauce legacy family, the Pokemons... we were wondering just how many of you have actually reached the end, whether you've been posting your adventures or not. It's taken me nearly 4 years to finish (darn you, RL!) so I'm really curious how many others have stuck with their families and their various challenges through it all. Especially the generation white challenges! Of those who have gotten that far, how has everyone else handled the no plumbing rule? It's presenting me with quite a conundrum. I'm still busy trying to figure out a clever way to work around it. XD

Also welcome to comment is anyone else who's getting close, or wishes they were close, and everyone else who is nowhere close but determined to get there! Share your war stories of getting through a whole legacy, especially one with so many hurdles! Discuss~~~